Episode 105 – This session covers how to get people (your marketing tribe) to help you promote, publish, or engage with your media posts. Your tribe members can include friends, staff, vendors, advocates, and others. The type of tribe member determines what and how you can ask them to do for sharing and promoting information about your book. It is helpful to track requests that are sent (tracking spreadsheet template provided), use and update invite and reminder messages (sample scripts provided), and to limit the number of times you ask your tribe to help you.

Questions Answered in This Episode

  • How to Get People to Share Information About Your Book?
  • Key Types of People to Ask to Share Your Book Information?
  • How to Request People to Promote Your Book?
  • Creating Media Posts for Other People to Share and Post?
  • How to Followup with Book Promotion Requests?
  • Ways to Track your Marketing Tribe Book Promotion Requests?
  • Where to Share and Publish Book Promotion Messages?