Episode 104 – This session covers how to create and where to publish media posts that promote and sell books. Discover key types of media posts (lists, questions & answers, tips, etc) and which types attract people with high buying intent. Learn how to use media post templates to speed up media post creation and how to create and continually update your own media post templates. Learn how to quickly repackage your media posts for use on other media channels to reach more people..

Questions Answered in This Episode

  • What are Media Posts?
  • Key Purposes of Media Posts?
  • Media Post Objectives, Scope, and Strategy?
  • Types of Media Posts That are Good for Book Promotion?
  • How to Create Effective Media Posts?
  • Where to Get Content for Media Posts?
  • How to Use Media Post Template to Save Time?
  • How to Create and Update Media Post Templates?
  • Ways to Repackage and Repurpose Media Posts?