Episode 103 – This session covers how you can setup and manage book media channels to share information that customers can find, receive, and use to learn information about your book. You will learn key types of media channels, which are important for book promotion, and how to setup and manage them. Discover how you can find available media channels that you can own or run (many have no cost). Learn how to define your media channel objectives, scope, and communication strategy (frequency, post types).

Questions Answered in This Episode

  • What are Media Channels?
  • Key Purposes of Media Channels?
  • Media Channel Objectives, Scope, and Strategy?
  • Which Media Channels are Good for Book Promotion?
  • How to Find and Setup Media Channels
  • What type of Content to Publish?
  • Who Can Publish and Manage your Channels?
  • Ways to Monitor Media Channels?
  • How to Setup & Use Response Channels?