LearnQIC School Online Courses and Resources

LearnQIC School Online Courses and Resources

LearnQIC School

LearnQIC provides online courses, guides, and templates that help you to discover and use new applications and technologies. We use our Group Knowledge (™) system to convert successful experiences from multiple people into implementation focused learning classes. LearnQIC courses help students to understand options, how to implement them, typical results, and most contain sample resources such as guides, templates, and reference lists. 

LearnQIC provides its courses for free (with ads) or for very low cost (no ads). We fund our course development and delivery services using a mix of advertising, low cost subscription option (to remove ads), sponsorships, affiliate programs, and other options to remove some or all of the tuition costs from the students.

LearnQIC courses are developed and continually updated by people who have recent successful experience in the course topic area. They share their processes, tips, benchmarks, and other information to help you to learn and use the latest options and proven processes. 

LearnQIC courses typically include additional resources such as guides, templates, and other helpful materials that allow students to implement and use the course materials in their companies. The LearnQIC student journey typically begins with the take a course to learn how to do a project and continues as long as necessary to help the student implement their course materials.

LearnQIC.com allows access by any connected device with a web browser. A mobile app version is in development which will provide additional interactive features in the future.

LearnQIC courses may be presented by instructors or be available as a live online class. LearnQIC live courses are taught by certified instructors who have real experience and a deep understanding of the course topics. LearnQIC instructor certification involves testing (skills), recent topic experience verification, and interactive reviews with other instructors (peer reviews).