Marketing Tip – Book Business Cards

Marketing Tip – Book Business Cards

Create a book business card that you can give to people you meet them that identifies their key book buying motivators, value trigger words, and a reference resource that motivates them to quickly take action.

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You should be able to use it like your 60 second book commercial that can your potential readers can take with them. It should get their attention, identify and trigger key interest areas, and offer them a highly valuable reason to followup and share their contact information with you.

A key advantage of making a book business card is it forces you to find the most important things to share about your book. 

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Your book business card should focus on common audience interests (dominant buying motivators), key trigger topics (value keywords), and offer something that will motivate immediate or rapid viewing of your book information (desired resource). 

It is helpful to have a 2 sided card. The front side is your first impression with your book cover, dominant buying motivators, and an attraction resource. The back side contains 10 to 15 value trigger words.  

Cover Image – should be in color and be about ¼ the size of the card so they can recognize and remember your book. This is the first thing the person will look at.

Title – largest text at the top of your card. Re-enforces book title and may be helpful if the title is hard to read in the image.

Dominant Buying Motivators (DBMs) – the top 3 things that all of your readers share as a common interest or need. Interview 10-20 people who are your top 3-5 audience types, make a list of key things they want or need, and identify 3 common ones that they all had an interest in.

Attraction Resource – create and offer something that most of your audience would want to get – a guide, resource list, sample template, story, or something enticing.

Value Trigger Words – on the back of the card, include keywords covered or related to your book that trigger interest for your readers. The goal is for your candidate reader to identify something that interests them which triggers them to ask questions or take action.

Easy To Remember URL – create a short, easy to remember URL which you or your readers can easily use or tell others to go to.