Book Marketing Plan Contents and Template

Book Marketing Plan Contents and Template

A book marketing plan contains key objectives, audience personas, media descriptions, links to media resources (logos, images, videos), media channels, media post schedule, media agents. A book marketing plan is more of a worksheet because it should be continually changing. It should be a single document that is used to coordinate your book marketing activities and provide access to your latest and updated marketing information and media items.

Objectives – the things that you want, can control, and which eventually leads to sales or other desired activities such as speaking engagements or consulting projects.

Audience Personas – identify your top 3-5 audience types; interests, pain points, and media channels. Do buyer journey interviews to identify audience priorities and dominant buying motivators (DBMs).

Media Descriptions – includes your book or product descriptions in varying lengths – 25 to 500 words. Having ready to use media descriptions can speed up the creation of marketing materials, submissions to directories, and to create media posts.

Media Resources – include links to your logos, images, videos, and other media items. Media items may have multiple links to files with different sizes, formats, and resolutions. Example – horizontal and square logos which can be low resolution (web) or high resolution (for print).

Media Channels – lists, describes, and includes a link to the places you can publish information about your company and its products such as Twitter, blog, Pinterest, Youtube, and others. Some of these you directly control such as your blogs and some you contribute to such as Youtube.

Media Posts & Schedule – identifies the types of media posts you can create, where and how to process the content, and when and where to publish them. This section may include links to media post templates that can speed up your media post creation and publishing process.

Media Agents – lists people who you use or can ask to publish information about your book or products.

Budget – identifies the estimated revenues, allowances, authorizations, and other expenses.

Sample Marketing Plan – create your plan from a sample marketing plan that already works.

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